11 Tips to Improve Your Badminton Game

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If you want to know how to improve your badminton game then you should read this article. A large number of players want to develop their badminton skills but they often do not know where to begin.

When I first started playing I was confused and did not know where to find information to help me.

Your game should improve dramatically if you follow these 11 tips!

  1. Get a Coach

This is the most effective way to improve your badminton skills. Playing a lot is important but it will only get you so far! Having a coach to guide you and watch your game will vastly improve your technique, footwork and overall badminton knowledge.

Here in the UK a coaching session is expensive but worth the investment. If you are struggling to find a coach ask around at your club or search on the internet.

2. Focus on your Technique

When you watch professional badminton players play, what do you notice that they have in common? Excellent hitting technique!  As I said in my ‘get a coach’ tip, poor technique will limit your playing ability. You will also be more likely to sustain an injury. Good technique will improve your shot power and quality.

Viktor Axelsen

3. Improve your Footwork

You can have amazing hitting ability, be deceptive and sometimes make your opponents look stupid, but if you cannot physically reach the shuttlecock then it’s all pointless. Possessing strong footwork can save you energy and enable you to retrieve your opponent’s shot much quicker.

To improve your footwork you can watch top players, get a coach to analyse you and practice shadow footwork routines. You can find shadow footwork routines on Youtube.

Ratchanok Intanon

4. Watch the Top Players

Watching elite level players play will not only give you a level to aim for and provide you with some inspiration, but it will also improve your shot quality, footwork and tactical awareness.

5. Keep your Body in Shape

If you take a close look at top level badminton players, you will notice that they  nearly all have a similar body type – a slim and lean upper body and strong, muscular legs. If you want to improve your badminton game you should try to acquire this physique as it will give you greater stamina during long, tough matches and enable you to move faster around the court.

You can achieve this physique by going for runs, doing agility exercises and performing leg exercises. My leg strengthening exercises article might help you in this. Try to set aside time for a couple of leg/agility exercise sessions each week.

6. Play a Lot

This is the easiest and most obvious tip! Getting in the hours will reduce your error rate, build up your experience and generally improve your game. You should plan to play according to a set routine each week.

7. Play Competitively

When you reach a certain level, you might be able to play in your local leagues or tournaments. I would definitely recommend this as it will sharpen your game and will help you get used to playing different types of players and thereby widen your experience.

8. Play Against Players of a High Standard

When you play against players of a lower standard you might well find the games  quite easy and, admittedly, it will be satisfying to beat such players. However, the rate at which you improve will not be as great as it would be if you were playing against opponents of a similar or higher standard than yourself.

Of course I am not saying that you should never play against weaker players, only that you should concentrate on playing against opponents who are at your level or are better than you. In this way, you will keep sharp and experience a standard to which to aspire.

9. Have the Correct Equipment

If you are wanting to improve and play to a higher standard then it is important that you have the correct “tools of the trade”. This will not only improve your game but make you feel more confident.

By correct equipment I mean a decent racket, a spare racket in case your racket’s strings snap, badminton shoes that fit comfortably and have not got worn down soles, a sports shirt and shorts.

When playing it is essential that you are use a feather shuttlecock. Players of a reasonable level use feather shuttlecocks, which will help you measure your length of shots and get used to a high speed game.

10. Play a Tactical Game

You often find that some of the hardest opponents to beat are the wily veteran players who have been playing for decades. Why? Because of their tactical awareness. When you are playing badminton, think tactically. This entails working out your opponent’s weaknesses and looking to target them.

Furthermore, it is necessary to be aware of your own weaknesses and, if you are playing doubles, to consider your partner’s weaknesses and to work out how to stop your opponents from targeting them.

11. Prevent Injuries from Occurring

Injuries are a nuisance for badminton players. Although you cannot completely stop them from occurring, you can minimise the chances of them happening.

Firstly, before your playing session make sure you do a good warm up. After you have played do stretching exercises. Particularly focus on your legs but stretch the other parts of your body as well.

Secondly, when you are warming up with the shuttlecock do not rush it. Take your time and resist the temptation to hit your shots as hard as you can early on, as you want your muscles to gradually get used to the intensity. Start off playing soft shots first and then slowly move up a gear.


If you follow these 11 tips you will not go far wrong. The main message is to enjoy yourself while at the same time putting in the hard work.

I hope you have found my tips useful.

Have fun!



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