Have you ever been playing a game of badminton and seen someone pick up the shuttle with their racket? Have you tried to pick it up the same way multiple times but failed to do so? Are you tired of always bending your back to pick up the shuttlecock?

Why Should You Use Your Racket To Pick Up The Shuttlecock?

All the professional players use their rackets to pick up the shuttlecock. This saves time and energy.

Inexperienced players tend to bend down to pick up the shuttlecock with their hands. This can lead to a strain on the back and, in time, possible back injury. On average, a player will pick up the shuttlecock around 45-50 times during a match.

The constant bending can also lead to fatigue and a loss of energy. Therefore by using your racket instead of bending or squatting you can help to reduce the impact on your spine. By using your racket you will also save time and energy.

At first it might seem challenging to pick up the shuttlecock with your racket, but with enough practice you can quickly acquire the skill.

You can watch this video on how to pick up the shuttlecock with your racket:

The Method

Flawless scooping of a shuttlecock is easy enough and you can master it with enough practice. There are three main steps to follow:

1) The placement of your racket: The first step is to place your racket next to the shuttlecock. Make sure that the side of the racket is touching the floor and that the shuttlecock is horizontally facing the racket.

2) Angle of your racket: Ideally the angle of the racket should be 90 degrees. You can, however, experiment and practice with different angles to find the one that you prefer or the one that is easier for you to master.  

3) Motion of your wrist: Once you place the racket at a preferred angle, the motion of your wrist should be a swift scooping movement. The force you apply should be short and quick.

After you have picked the shuttlecock up, continue moving your wrist so that the racket is facing the other way, as this will help to keep the shuttle on the racket. If you stop moving your wrist as soon as you pick up the shuttle, there is the risk that the shuttle will flying up into the air.


1) Never pick up the shuttle if its feathers are facing you. The first thing you should do is use the racket to move the shuttle into such a position that the base is facing you.

2) The grip on the racket should be light and there should be a slight gap between your fingers and the racket handle. This will allow the fast flick movement of your wrist. Also, it is best to use a backhand grip.  If you are not sure of how to do a backhand grip then read my ‘How To Hold A Badminton Racket’ article.

3) Experiment with the angles that are comfortable to you as rackets have different shaped heads; what might work with one racket won’t necessarily work with another. You might require to make slight adjustments.

By practising this movement repeatedly, you should pick it up in a few hours. Good luck!

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