Different Badminton Stereotypes

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When you play badminton, you will come across a diverse range of people.

After a while, you will start noticing the same types of players again and again. Here are some of the stereotypes:

  1. The Super Casual, Laid Back Player

Often seen wearing clothes not made for sport this mainstay of any badminton club is a common sight. They usually wear a baseball cap and denim shorts or trousers. They rarely carry their racket in a badminton bag and often wear incorrect footwear for the sport.

When playing they are calm as anything, almost like a Buddhist monk. 

2. The Player Who Takes Forever To Serve

These players are a rarity but notorious. Often found at the higher level of the sport you will be waiting a while for them to serve to you. So, if you fancy a quick chat during a game or a trip to the toilet then do this when this type of player is around.

3. The Player With The Dodgy Line Calls

Often not blessed with the best eyesight, this stereotype is often found at most badminton clubs. Sometimes your shot will land plum on the line and they will say it was out.

4. The Super Serious Player

Commonly seen at higher level badminton clubs, they regularly wear long socks and tape on their arms and legs. After each rally they may shout and are rarely seen smiling.

They are the core of every badminton club as they often organising matches and regularly on the committee.

5. The Player with No Backhand

Often preferring to go ‘round the head’ it is no secret what area his/her opponents target. This stereotype can be found sometimes saying ‘you should not need a backhand anyway.’

6. The Player With The Big Smash

A great weapon for any badminton player to have is a big smash. This player loves to smash a winner from the mid-court. A common characteristic of this person is they often (not always) are of a heavier build.


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